• v0.2.0 d87edb29ca

    jed released this 2022-08-15 19:54:41 +02:00 | 27 commits to main since this release

    What's new?

    • New Shorthand decorator: The @csv_params decorator can now be used in a shorthand form, that is very handy when a base_dir is set via command line (--csv-params-base-dir) and the CSV file contains only strings and no ID column.
    • (dev only) Now analyzing type usage while testing. Using mypy in strict mode for this.

    Will it break my tests?

    It could. The order of the paramters vor the @csv_params decorator changed. But if you used keyword parameters, you'll be safe.

    See the README.md for some more details, and the advantage the re-ordering has.