• v1.1.0 9c5d28a58c

    jed released this 2023-07-01 16:45:10 +02:00 | 3 commits to main since this release

    What's new?

    • Cleanup of codebase
    • Maintenance: Dependency versions
    • Maintenance: Support for Python 3.11
    • Maintenance: CI Configuration cleanup
    • Maintenance: Project Configuration cleanup (supported versions etc.)
    • Changed Pytest plugin hook
    • Tests: Changed version interpretation tests, as the standard lib has a better interpretation now
    • Coding conventions: Black and isort updated, changed things accordingly
    • Poetry lock file version updated to 1.5.1

    Will it break my tests?

    The tests should not break because of this plugin, but they might break because the plugin now requires Pytest >= 7.4.

    Deprecation Notice

    This is the last version that supports Python 3.8!